Dough made with flour and potato, filled with traditional shredded chicken or vegetarian.
Bolinha de Queijo
Light dough made with flour and potato, filled with cheese.
Pão de Queijo - GF
A cheese bread made with tapioca flour and cheese. Can be baked and served part of afternoon tea with jams or deep fried and served as a snack with a beer or wine.
Dough made with flour and potato, filled with choice of: beef mince, cheese or cheese & ham. Folded in half circle.
A light pastry that melts in your mouth, filled with shredded chicken or vegetarian choice. Also we can add a special cream cheese (catupiry) inside.
Traditionally from the Middle East, this croquette became very popular in Brazil. Here is a variation of the original recipe.
Lean beef mince, bulgur wheat, mint, mix of spices and onion.
A traditional Brazilian thin pastry envelope filled with:
Beef mince OR Cheese OR
Pizza (ham, cheese, tomato & oregano).
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Brazilian nibbles - sold by 100unid or less.

We offer 2 sizes

The Brazilian nibbles are made per order.

You can have it fresh, frozen or ready to eat.

Order with, at least, 2 days in advance

depending on the quantity.

It can be delivered or you can pick it up.

We can offer you a variety of catering 

from Brazilian nibbles to platers and sweets.

Sweet corn cake GF
A popular cake, light and moist made with sweet corn and coconut. GF
Orange & Almond cake GF
Light and moist cake made with orange and almond meal. GF
Orange & Chocolate sponge cake
a delicious and light cake with a mix of orange and chocolate.
Prestígio cake
Chocolate cake, layered with coconut crème patisserie, topped with chocolate ganache and coconut shavings.
Churros flavoured cake
Sponge cake, layered and topped with ´doce-de-leite´ and walnut, topped with fresh strawberries when in season.
Cornmeal flour & guava cake
Typical Brazilian cake made with cornmeal flour and guava paste, topped with guava glaze.
Paçoca cake
A delicious cake with spices and peanuts. Layered and topped with ´doce-de-leite´ and peanut flour-flake.
Toalha Felpuda cake
Brazilian caramel pudim
Light and delicious! A perfect dessert for any occasion.
We use fresh seasonal fruits with or without chocolate. Large or small size.
Brownie GF
This is almost a mousse texture brownie. Beautiful and light. GF
Brigadeiro & Beijinho
Brigadeiro is a truffle made with cacao and Beijinho made with coconut. Perfect size to have with your coffee or highly used for parties.
Tartlets bite size
Can be made with GF case filled a Brazilian crème patisserie (creme de padeiro) perfect for parties.
Can be made with GF case. Filled with Brazilian crème patisserie (creme de padeiro), topped with seasonal fresh fruits.
Passionfruit mousse
We can make a variation of mousses at your taste.
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Cakes and Sweets 

We sell whole cakes or platers for morning or afternoon tea.

Cakes and sweets are made on order, always fresh. We sell whole cakes perfect for your morning or afternoon tea at home or office.

We have a selection of sweets that can serve your party or family meal.

We deliver or you can pick it up.

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Dough made with flour and potato, filled with traditional shredded chicken or vegetarian.